August 2-4, 2019
WHAT IS IT? (καιρός)
Join Like Minds -
"Curated for Curiosity" 
A highly curated group of adventurers, executives, athletes, scientists, thinkers, musicians and time-travelers will gather to discover, explore, and drink from the garden hose of time. 

A 3-day, 2-night adventure, in the Summer of 2019, in Xochitepec, Morelos, Mexico, where you will eat, drink, climb, listen, talk, debate and learn alongside great and curious minds from all walks of life.  
An All Inclusive Immersive Experience...
Set in one of the most beautiful, lovingly restored, and well-preserved hacienda estates in all of Mexico -  Hacienda San Antonio El Puente - where you can let go of all your cares: your lodging, food, drinks, transport, adventures and activities are all taken care of . . . so you can relax, feel the grass beneath your bare feet and let go of those responsibilities to unwind your internal clock.
Packed with Learning...
Event leader, John K . Coyle, has spent more than a decade studying the neuroscience and psychology of time. John will share evidence-based techniques to help your brain slow, stop and reverse the perceived acceleration of time. 
Then you will participate in exciting adventures and exercises that will solidify the learning, leave a deep notch in your memory, and take you back to the endless summers of childhood. 
Through lecture, discussion and unique experiences, hear, see, feel, taste, smell and move in a way that will warp time and reset your cognitive clocks - all against a backdrop of incredible beauty.
Away From Your Daily Routine...
Near Cuernavaca, the "City of Eternal Spring,"expect nearly perfect weather, lush gardens, and a magical world of natural splendor balanced with the traditional hacienda architecture and modern luxuries and comforts. With ample time to learn, reflect and make deep connections, time will slow down and you will find laughter, smiles and new friends for life.
In a Colonial Hacienda, not a stuffy hotel...
You will stay in a luxurious guest room, with hand carved wood furnishings. Let the sounds of nature lull you into a tranquil state while you relax on a sumptuous bed, ensconced in a rich, colonial-inspired décor.
Fantastic Alfresco Food...
Througout the weekend you will experience delicious traditional and avant garde Mexican dishes, fresh food lovingly prepared by expert chefs using locally grown produce.  

Creative, healthy and delicious, your meals will be served at a variety of beautiful garden and exotic historic settings, both inside and alfresco. 
Music & Moving & Laughter & Fun...
Morning movement options, exotic adventures and old-fashioned play while the sun shines, with evening guest musicians to get you moving and grooving, the beating of your heart setting a tone for the day, then resonating into the rhythm of the night. 
People who have been to one of John's  
Time Expansion Summits are saying  
I am ALIVE again, awake and open in a way that I don't know I've ever been. This weekend created the space that allowed me to choose to open my heart and eyes again.

Ricardo A. Gonzalez 
HR Lead Consultant at Allstate

With his concept of Time Expansion, John has tapped into something HUGE in the human psyche. His Time Expansion Summit at Powder Mountain, in Eden Utah, was mind and life-shifting. We talked about Chronos vs Kairos, PTSD vs PTD, and designing a life that builds on your strengths and works around your weaknesses... and much more. Above and beyond the talk, we had amazing, once in a life-time experiences.

Kudos and gratitude to #TheTimeGuy!
Ana Maria Barella, MDM 
Director, Learning and Organization Effectiveness at Grant Thornton LLP

I've never spent time with a more brilliant, inspiring group of people. The week following the summit, I made changes to my life that immediately made life more fun and rewarding.

- Jason Silver                               
The Dating Coach for The Ambitious 
Although it’s almost been a month since I attended the Time Summit with John Coyle, the lessons learned will forever enhance how I process and utilize time. 

Before John’s event, I lacked the formula and the understanding of how to slow down time and squeezing the most out of it. Now, because of the engrained lessons learned at the Time Summit,I am able to create lasting, memorable experiences for myself and for those I love. 

The week after the event, I was able to apply each of strategies to make a trip to Africa with my family one we will forever cherish. For giving me this gift, I will be ever grateful to you John!' 

Norm Caldwell, Wealth Management Advisor
John's understanding and teaching on time perception is far reaching and provides greater insight into what it means to be human from a cognitive lens. As a Design Thinking expert his illumination on the subject of time offers a truly unique experience when reviewing one's own understanding of the whole of life's wonders and the moments we regard as special and sacred within each of our daily lives with family, friends, and in the professional arena. 

The body of work John has created is transformative in depth and scope. the Time Expansion Summit offers a unique experience which allows reflection, a discrete opportunity for connection within a community of high performing individuals, and a combination of design thinking and neuroscience which harnesses an undeniable human experience through structured activity eliciting genuine and authentic memories. 

My experience was one of practice and applying the principals, of mindfulness, intentional awareness, through the process of utilizing activities to anchor the experience aiding in deriving long term memories or "event horizons". 

I highly recommend those who are able to be a part of this life altering experience, to make time and space in your life to receive the gift of time!

- Norman Palmer, MBA, MS, CSM, ITILv3 
Sr. Director, Northrup Grumman Corp 
The week after we got home was intense for me! I experienced exhaustion (you weren’t kidding!), social excitement, more profound storytelling, and a heightened sense of confidence. I feel that you taught us the “secret of time” at T2S2. Learning the science while also experiencing such profound Kairos in a single weekend helped raise my confidence to design my own life going forward. 
Emma Rezny
Administrative Officer at Boulevard Construction LLC
Registration fee includes: 

 - Educational content & materials, 

 - Luxurious lodging, 

 - Transportation to-from the airport

 - Meals &  beverages, 

 - Music, entertainment, adventures and 

(prices will increase soon, and as we get closer to the date) 

Option 1: Shared Room 
Share a luxurious room with your spouse, a friend 
(or we will match you with a curated guest).
Shared room: $1597 per person

Option 2: Solo Room
A private luxurious guest room for yourself.
Solo room: $1897 per person

This weekend is designed as an intense personal wellness session. Your work will benefit and your business may cover the expense. 
Click here for a business justification letter.
Meet Your Time - Expansion Tour Guide
John K. Coyle (the Time Guy)
John K. Coyle is one of the world's leading experts in Design Thinking and "chronoception" - how we as humans experience time. John is a highly sought-after keynote speaker traveling the world speaking to tens of thousands each year. John is an Olympic silver medalist, Stanford grad, Kellogg MBA, NBC Sports analyst, author, 2X TEDx speaker and professor of innovation.

John is known as "the Time Guy" due to his extensive research into time perception (chronoception.) John's obsession with time started early - spending decades going counterclockwise while competing in sports where 100th's of a second determined victors from the also-rans. John's life passion is to help people slow, stop and reverse the perceived acceleration of time and live endless summers again. 

John is an explorer and adventurer who grows Trinidad moruga scorpion peppers as a hobby...
Please fill out the form below to apply to attend the
Time Expansion Summit

Spaces are limited and we are seeking diversity of experience in curating the attendees. Once you are approved, you will receive a link for registration and payment.

Just watched your talk and loved it!! We are definitely of the same breed... my god... to STOP TIME is my daily bread... it is what I live for...

- Jason Silva                                
Emmy Nominated Host of "Brain Games"
What is the Weekend's Itinerary? (χρόνος - chronos)
The weekend will feature a non-linear take on time, however you can use the information below to book your travel:
Registration and check in at the Hacienda will run from 1:30-3:30 p.m. CST on August 2, 2019.   The event will officially begin at 4:00 p.m.  CST.

Agenda: we are keeping the specific agenda details under wraps. Surprise, novelty, beauty, flow, intensity, peacefulness, reflection, down-time, conversation, music, food and drink will all be designed into your experience. (If you feel very uncomfortable with not knowing the details, let us know - we can share specifics as needed.) Otherwise, go with the flow!

Departures: The event will wrap up at 1:00 p.m. CST on Sunday, August 4.  (There will be options to extend your stay)
If I am not a local, how do I get to the hacienda?
We will be arranging a car and driver to meet participants at the airport and bring them directly to the grounds of the hacienda. 
Do I Need a Rental Car?
We will provide airport shuttles and transportation to and from all offsite activities during the weekend.  If you want to arrive early or stay late to explore on your own, you will need to arrange for your own transportation. Uber is highly available and very inexpensive and may be the better choice
What's Included in My Registration?
Once you arrive, this is an all-inclusive event. Your registration includes participation in the weekend, meals, snacks, drinks, musical entertainment, stimulating content, and access to all event activities and adventures. Registration does not include airfare, or transportation other than on the scheduled airport shuttles. 
What's the Refund Policy?
We understand life happens, that’s why we’ve got a refund policy we’re proud of. If for whatever reason you cannot come, and you let us know on or before July 1, 2019, we will refund 60% of your ticket price back to you. Please note, however, that any cancellations made after July 1cannot be refunded. 
Can You Accommodate Dietary Restrictions?
We will have dining options to accommodate vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free for each meal. We can prepare arrangements for Kosher meals as well, if noted at least one week ahead of time. 
What Should I Pack?
What to Bring

The land of eternal spring will have wonderful warm days in the low 80's and comfortable cool nights in the 60's. Layers will be important to manage the temperature range. 

Dress is casual the entire weekend, and here are a few things you should bring along:

 - Active-wear summer clothes (shorts, tanks/t-shirts, capri yoga pants or similar workout clothes) suitable for hiking. 

 - Sturdy shoes suitable for walking on gravel, climbing hills and rocks, uneven surfaces 

 - Jeans and riding boots in case we decide to hop on some horses

 - A swim suit so you are ready to jump into a mountain stream or mineral-water spring
 - Casual resort-wear for dinners and meeting sessions (no ties, no stilettos, and nothing that inhibits movement)

 - Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen

 - Duffle bag or backpack

 - Re-usable water bottle (we aim to avoid the use / disposal of plastic trash)

 - Toiletries

 - Prescribed medications, contacts, glasses 

Will My Work Pay for This?
The event is designed for overall personal wellness and also teaches key leadership skills on leading from strengths, developing personal and professional resiliency and time maximization. Follow this link for a  short justification you could use to request funding. 
Can I Bring a Guest?
Yes, although your guest will need to apply and register for the event to share lodging and to participate in any meals, content and activities. 
Still Have Questions?
If you have any more questions or need anything else, please feel free to reach out to or 262.903.9270
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